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The Renton Man Who Had To Reroof His Home 3 Times In 20 Years

Most people reroof their homes once in their lives—MAYBE twice. But Renton homeowner Greg? He was going on his third roof replacement… in the last 20 years.

Here’s what happened—and how we solved Greg’s roofing woes for good.

Solving An Issaquah Home’s “Mysterious” Water Damage

This is a case of beauty being only skin deep… and a prime example of how pretty roofing shingles can cover up MASSIVE underlying problems.

A family in Issaquah called us after their elderly father passed away. They wanted to sell his home, but the ceiling was leaking in multiple areas. 

Keep reading to find out what happened.

The Bellevue Farmhouse With A 5-Layer “Roof Sandwich”

Our SmartSeries showcases how we take a more intelligent approach to roof replacement than your average roofing company in Greater Seattle. We don’t just address the symptoms—we fix all underlying problems to maximize your roof’s lifespan and performance.

If you want picture proof of how lazy roofing companies can be, this is the case study for you.

Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation affects everything from your roof’s shingles to your energy bills to your health. If your attic has trapped moisture, it’s going to cause you serious problems.

In this article, I tell you A) why attic ventilation is important, B) what proper attic ventilation consists of, and C) how the majority of companies get it so wrong.

Why We Photo-Document Your Roof Replacement

Ninety percent of roof replacement occurs in places you, the homeowner, can’t see.  

Once your roof is done, you won’t see the roof deck… or the underlayment… or the flashing… or a half-dozen other things. All you’ll see are those beautiful new  composition shingles  or  metal panels .

6 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Roof

6 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Roof These mistakes are so common it seems like a good idea to help you prepare. The better informed you are, the better choices you’re likely to make. And the more likely it is you might hire a great group of guys, like us! 01 You Think Price […]

Roof Curb Appeal

Karen E. Laine Designer Above all else, color is really personal, but certain colors tend to evoke feelings. A bright sunshiny yellow says “happy” and a nice greenish blue shade conveys a sense of calm, while red is very vibrant and energetic. On our show, we remodel 13 homes every season, so we try to […]

Should I Repair My Old Roof?

Should I Repair My Old Roof? “Maybe. But for most, if your roof is more than 15 years old it’s probably not worth it.” Inspectapedia   Why Wouldn’t I Repair My Roof? Throwing Good Money After Bad Take this with a grain of salt. I haven’t looked at your roof and I don’t know your […]

Sloppy Flashing Makes Your Roof Leak

Bad Roof Flashing is a Real Drip! Your roof is designed with a series of overlapping pieces, each working together to channel rain water safely down – and away – from your vulnerable areas. Most people focus on the roof covering itself: the shingles, the roof tiles, the cedar shakes, the standing seam metal panels […]

Asphalt Shingles

  What’s the difference between Owens Corning and Others? If you’re not 100% familiar with roof shingles, welcome to the club. Most roofers aren’t that into it either. They just slap it up and move to the next job. At RoofSmart we want you to be well informed. In the brief video above there’s a […]