The RoofSmart™ System

Step 1

Remove Old Roof & Prepare

Out With The Old!

Once we have a clean roof deck, free of rot, defects, trash and imperfections we are ready to build your new roof!


Step 2

Seal Up The Leakers

Waterproofing Protection

We apply waterproofing material at edges, valleys, chimneys (basically anywhere the shingles are cut) to make sure water doesn’t sneak around and seep in later.


Step 3

Add Roofing Shingles

Install Your Roof Cover

This is the part you see. The roofing shingles themselves. This part goes like clockwork, but a nail in the wrong spot is a major no-no.


Step 4

Air Movement

Ventilation is KEY

Heat and moisture sabotage your roof. It could be a major reason you need a new one right now. We make sure to keep that air flowing for a maximum life expectancy (and comfort inside).


A Decade of Earning Your Trust. Thank you For Your Business!

Never Easy

Pretty much nothing about roofing is “easy” from the hard work of the guys picking up trash, to the skilled craftsmen doing the edge work for your flashings and detail areas.

Choosing the right system, installed by the right people, with the right company backing it all up. That’s the key to a successful roof replacement project. Or any other!


“A well designed roof system will last for a generation, or more.”