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“An excellent long-term answer to the annual worry of flat roofs in the Seattle area..”

Flat and low slope roofing

In the Seattle area, flat and low slope roofing is a huge problem for most homeowners. Because water tends to shed slowly (or not at all) from these shallow roofs, any weakness in the roof cover will be found. Water flows under the roof and starts to do its thing: seep, soak, sop, saturate and…stink!

Your delicate parts underneath start to get wet and water triggers decay. If you’re especially unlucky, it even drips inside!


“If you’re especially unlucky, it even drips inside!”

Over the years, we’ve seen some incredibly bad designs for low slope roofing on local homes. Part of what keeps this career interesting is finding a puzzle to solve, and flat roofing presents more of those than any other type. Contractors do the darndest things!

We love fixing other contractors’ mistakes. Keeps us very busy!


Our crews have installed thousands of flat roofing on local, Seattle area roofs. We’ve learned what works. And what doesn’t.


If we know the plan won’t work, we’ll be straight with you. We’ll steer you in the right direction so that when the project is done, it’s waterproof.


We’ll give you smart options, but we’re not going to “up-sell you” on something that doesn’t fit.

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