Custom Metal Roofing in King County area

Clean, symmetrical lines of standing seam metal roofing.


Beautiful Results

Technical Craftsmanship
Leaving a Legacy

This image shows how attractive brown metal roofing blends with modern residential architecture. Afternoon side lighting accentuates the pleasing lines of the roofing seams.



Dedicated to Quality

Few roofing projects are more technical and challenging than custom metal roofing. It’s beautiful when done right. It’s hideous when done wrong. Might also leak! Here’s some reasons why you should consider using RoofSmart for your metal roofing project if you’re in the Greater Seattle Area.

Who We Are

Want to be a guinea pig but still pay a ton of money? No thanks?!

If you trust your project to RoofSmart you can rest easy. We’ve done this a lot! The guys in charge of your project have decades of combined experience on specifically metal roofing jobs. What that really means though, is they’ve already made their mistakes. The training wheels are off, and you’ll get a professionally finished work of art when we’re done. And your roof won’t leak!

Hire RoofSmart only if you want to be absolutely sure you’re working with a competent team that communicates well and cleans up after themselves. If you just want the cheapest guy you can find, we invite you to look elsewhere.

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Nestor Martinez

Resident Wizard


Master Metal Man


Sheet Metal Artist

Fair Dealing

We’ll try to uncover everything that could go wrong before we start. We’ll communicate with you any foreseeable issues. We’ll have a plan for addressing them.

We have the skills (or the connections) to fix literally anything that goes wrong with your roof project.

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Won’t Cut Corners

Doing it right is what you want. It’s what we want too. In the end, it’s your home though. Your choice.

We’ll educate, inform, and you’ll decide.

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Smarter Ideas

Never stop learning. Never stop growing. We stay up to date on the latest techniques and technology in the field so we can give you the smartest viable solutions for pretty much any roofing challenge.

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Since 2011, RoofSmart has been installing Custom Metal Roofing in King County area. We focus on the following broad categories.

Asphalt Composition Roofing


Metal Roofing


Flat Roofing


Everything Else


“Metal Roofing is not the primary source of business for us or any other local roofing company. It’s special, it’s expensive, it’s hard to do. Even harder to do well. It’s an exceptional choice for the pacific northwest areas like King, Pierce and Snohomish counties because it’ll hold up for generations. We invite you to let us guide you to the smartest solution for your home, just give us a call to set up a time.”

-Jim Singleterry, President