6 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Roof

These mistakes are so common it seems like a good idea to help you prepare. The better informed you are, the better choices you’re likely to make. And the more likely it is you might hire a great group of guys, like us!


You Think Price = Value

Price is an imperfect way to figure out what something is worth when you’re not an expert. Just because something costs more, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Often it is!

Part of our consultative approach is to help make sense of the price of your project. The give and take. The trade-offs.


Ask the Wrong Questions

Bad questions

  • Why is it so expensive?
  • Why not just take the cheapest?
  • All these products are basically the same, right?

Good questions

  • What am I getting for my money?
  • What should I be considering? What am I missing?
  • Will this last as long as I need it to?
  • What are the real problems that I could have even if I choose this system, regardless of the guarantee?
  • What’s the track record of this company in resolving problems when they occur?


Get Sold on Fluff

It’s one thing to make an informed choice among products. But most salesmen don’t have the knowledge themselves to give you that information. Their job is to sell their product RIGHT NOW. And it bothers us too when we see folks get persuaded to purchase inferior products that might even cost more. What makes people especially vulnerable to this kind of salesmanship is the next point on this list: homeowners don’t understand the genuine differences between products.


You Figure it’s “Pretty Much” All the Same!

And really, who can blame you? When you try to research roofing, you’ll get 100 different websites proclaiming a different “winner” of best value or “recommended” solution. It’s like asking if Bitcoin is better than gold. Good luck wading through those weeds!

How independent and qualified are these Internet opinions? Questionable at best!


You’ll Get Oversold

The fact is, the products tend to under-perform even the salesman’s expectations. The best thing you can do is to educate yourself as much as possible before you ever get bids, to ask salesmen the right questions, and to run away from any salesman who doesn’t know details. Or seems to know less than you do!


They Don’t See ROOFING As The Investment It Truly Is

Most people have no trouble understanding that putting good money into a good roof is a good idea.

The bottom line is that all we can tell you is that it’s worth the time and money to get it right, because the alternative will be far costlier in the long run both in terms on raw dollars as well as frustration and regret.

We’re glad you’re here

A good working dynamic with a client involves mutual respect. For the right kind of customer, we are proud to earn your business.

we’re here for you

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Bad Roof Flashing is a Real Drip!

Your roof is designed with a series of overlapping pieces, each working together to channel rain water safely down – and away – from your vulnerable areas. Most people focus on the roof covering itself: the shingles, the roof tiles, the cedar shakes, the standing seam metal panels but overlook (or just don’t know about) the critical areas. Those spots where the roof is cut.

Why is the roof cut? To get around obstacles like a chimney. A skylight. A roof valley. a plumbing vent. A bath fan. Solar panels. The list goes on.
What happens when you do everything right, except that last critical piece? It Leaks!

Some Common Flashing Failures

Step Flashing Leak

Step flashing is used where a roof goes sideways into a wall. Step flashing goes up the side wall as a splash guard, so to speak, to channel rain water down.

Chimney Flashing Leak

Chimneys in the Seattle area are notorious sources of leaks. From the mortar, to the flu, to the base flashing and counter flashing this thing is always eating the worst of our weather and often leaks if not taken care of with your replacement roof.

Starter Flashing Leak

Some roofers still don’t use flashing at the gutter edge, even though it’s required by code! Penny pinching can cause some serious water damage when you skip flashing at the gutter edge.