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Above all else, color is really personal, but certain colors tend to evoke feelings. A bright sunshiny yellow says “happy” and a nice greenish blue shade conveys a sense of calm, while red is very vibrant and energetic. On our show, we remodel 13 homes every season, so we try to include some variety and use colors that pay homage to some aspect of the home.

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Mina Starsiak


The roof is a subtle element that can have a really big impact. You don’t top off a home with a new roof and say, “Wow, that’s an amazing roof.” Instead you say, “that’s an amazing house.” The roof makes the whole house stand out in a very positive way.

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Not everyone values curb appeal the same way. Money matters for most of us too!

When we meet, part of the process is designing a smart solution for you and your home that fits your style and your budget, too!



What’s the difference between Owens Corning and Others?

If you’re not 100% familiar with roof shingles, welcome to the club. Most roofers aren’t that into it either. They just slap it up and move to the next job. At RoofSmart we want you to be well informed.

In the brief video above there’s a great explainer for some of the differences between some asphalt composition shingles:

  1. Tear strength
  2. Blow through
  3. Delamination, plus
  4. Nailing zone
  5. Impact resistance
  6. Scuff resistance
  7. Fiberglas mat
  8. Asphalt vs filler, and the mix
  9. Shingle weight
  10. Lamination layers
  11. Cost. Yes, it’s last on the list.

So What? This Nerd Stuff Really Matter?

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