What’s the difference between Owens Corning and Others?

If you’re not 100% familiar with roof shingles, welcome to the club. Most roofers aren’t that into it either. They just slap it up and move to the next job. At RoofSmart we want you to be well informed.

In the brief video above there’s a great explainer for some of the differences between some asphalt composition shingles:

  1. Tear strength
  2. Blow through
  3. Delamination, plus
  4. Nailing zone
  5. Impact resistance
  6. Scuff resistance
  7. Fiberglas mat
  8. Asphalt vs filler, and the mix
  9. Shingle weight
  10. Lamination layers
  11. Cost. Yes, it’s last on the list.

So What? This Nerd Stuff Really Matter?

Yup. It all matters.

Some lazy Googling for class action lawsuits vs any roofing manufacturer you can think of will give you copious results. They’re all trying to refine their designs to get great performance and reduced cost. It doesn’t always work out. What’s that mean to you? It means if you go with a design that’s unproven, or recently been fiddled with to make it cheaper, you might be a guinea pig and not even know it!

For example, say you get sold on a shingle that just came out. That might be fine. Might not. Depends on how they’ve designed it. Is it a new low cost leader? Totally new design or is it a correction for a prior edition? It matters. You could have a shingle failure in 5 years if you bet wrong. We’ve seen it hundreds of times. Maybe you’re confident that won’t happen. Maybe you like to gamble. Totally fine! It’s your home, your risk…

Trust an Expert. Maybe someone RoofSmart!

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