“No-Stone-Unturned” Roof Replacement For Redmond, MA

Your Local Nerds For Composition Roofing, Metal Roofing, And Flat Roofing.

Redmond is a city that’s home to many tech companies. So only makes sense for Redmond homeowners who need a new roof to contact a contractor that takes an INTELLIGENT approach to roof replacement.

That’s RoofSmart. We sweat the small stuff and geek out over highly technical installation details.

Most roofing problems run deeper than the shingles, and it’s our job to dig down until we find the source of your roofing woes and fix it the right way. You’ll never catch us slapping a pretty layer of shingles over a structural failure. Nope—we find and fix any underlying issues to ensure your new roof LASTS.

Why Choose RoofSmart?

When you invite us to solve your roofing problem, we check every part of your roof system. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to get to the heart of your roof’s failure. Once we locate the true source of your problem, we stop and think before we offer a solution.

We know roofs like no other and understand that pretty doesn’t equal reliability. Our goal is always to give you a lasting solution that addresses the real problem. And with our Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, even on roof replacements, it makes sense that we ensure the problem will never return.

Here are a few reasons homeowners choose us when they need a new roof…

  • We Give You OPTIONS: We don’t limit you to a single manufacturer like other companies do. We offer ALL the top brands so you can get the perfect roof for your needs, style, and budget. Explore Your Roofing Options
  • “Egghead” Installation: We don’t just inspect your roof—we scrutinized all the “under the hood” details. Every detail counts, and we make sure every little thing is perfect before we call a roof complete. 
  • SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis: Our Project Consultant spends the time to ensure that they understand your needs, wants, and budget. It’s how we pair you with your PERFECT roof. 
  • TripleGuard™ Warranty: Each roof we build comes with a Lifetime Labor Warranty, a Lifetime Material Warranty, and a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Talk about peace of mind! 
  • The Roofer You Can TRUST: Any roofing contractor can say they’re the best… but how many have piles of customers who agree with them? Take a look at what they say about their experience with Roof Smart. 

SmartSeries Case Studies

If your roof is failing, there’s a nine-in-ten chance that it’s the result of a poor installation. Our reputation for a perfect installation process and meticulous roof inspections has given us the job of troubleshooting problems that other roofing companies have failed to solve. 

Here are a few stories of how we solved homeowners’ roofing problems… that were caused by OTHER roofers.

Solving This Issaquah Home’s “Mysterious” Water Damage Issues

A gorgeous new roof with an “unsolvable” leak. Unsolvable, that is, until we came along and looked past all the pretty and found a nightmare underneath.

Read Case Study


The Bellevue Farmhouse With A 5-Layer “Roof Sandwich”

Ever hear the phrase “kicking the can down the road”? This historical farmhouse had multiple roofers wailing on that can for decades before they gave us a call.

Read Case Study


The Renton Man Who Had To Reroof 3 Times In 20 Years

How do multiple new roofs fail decades before they should? When they’re all the wrong roof! Other contractors give this poor man a roof that didn’t fit his home over and over.

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Choose Your Roof

Composition Shingle Roofing

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all composition shingle roofing system. That’s why we offer asphalt composite shingles from the “Big 3”: Owens Corning, GAF, and CertainTeed. You deserve to get the roof you want.

Explore Composition Shingle Roofing


Custom Metal Roofing

We have an expert team with decades of metal roofing experience between them and install countless metal roofs per year. We are THE metal roofing experts in Redmond.

Explore Metal Roofing


Flat/Low-Sloped Roofing

When you have a flat or low-slope roof, your two best options are premium PVC (polyvinyl chloride) roofing and TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing, and we are pros at installing either one. Both roofing systems are extremely durable and flexible and will give you leak-free performance for decades.

Explore Flat And Low-Slope Roofing

Get A Free Roof Inspection In Redmond, WA

If you have concerns about your Redmond area roof and want true professionals to take a look, contact us for a free roof inspection.